What are Solar Nails? The Question Gets Answered Plus Bonus Tips!

Being mindful of one’s appearance can extend to various aspects such as cosmetics, clothing, hair, and even right down to the fingers. With the newest trend nowadays, many are curious to know what are solar nails. The way you present yourself includes the very distinct details like how your fingernails appear.

Curiosity about details on anything you use on your body is immensely beneficial. With this article, I will assist you to find out what are solar nails and why you should consider it. Plus, I will also share a few essential things you need to know about proper nail care.

What Are Solar Nails?

Although there are some confusion on what solar nails really are, to put it simply, these are referred to as the upgraded version of acrylic nails. Solar nails, just like acrylic nails are composed of polymethylmethacrylate which is typically available in a powder and a liquid format. In actuality, the term “solar nails” was originally used as a trademark for a specific brand of an acrylic nail back when it was first introduced.

Be that as it may, there are also things that distinguish the solar nail from acrylic. Aside from the way the of the application as well as the way of removing, solar nails are also known to last longer than the regular acrylic. In addition to this, solar nails look more natural and retain a glossy appearance compared to the regular acrylic.

Features of Solar Nails

To know more about solar nails, here are some of its distinctive features that you need to know about.

1. Refillable

Solar nails are said to be refillable. And with this, most women find it more convenient compared to having the regular acrylic which requires salon trips every two weeks as part of its maintenance. Moreover, these frequent touch-ups can entail additional cost. Solar nails can last for about four weeks without looking dull, chipping or fading. In addition to that, it can be fully refilled to maintain its good appearance.

2. No discoloration

Another great thing about the solar nails is that there is no occurrence of discoloration even if you go for a tanning session. There is a concern over discoloration occurring in artificial nails after prolonged exposure to the sun or even during tanning sessions. This may be true with conventional artificial acrylic nails, but not with solar nails.

So, if you are one that loves being under the sun or going to a tanning salon, you do not need to worry about this occurrence if you have the solar nails.

3. More durable and last longer

Solar nails are also known to be more durable and can last longer compared to regular acrylic nails. This is another advantage if you opted for solar nails as it will be more practical and convenient. Since it is of admirable quality, it can last longer without chipping or breaking off. The reason for this is the way the solar nails are applied which is typically done in several layers which strengthens the base.

4. It is not an extension

Solar nails are not considered as nail extensions just like regular acrylic nails. Rather than being glued unto the ends of the natural nails, solar nails are directly applied on top of the natural nail. As a result, it is more stable and stronger.

5. Shiny and Glossy

Compared to acrylic nails which required an extra coat of nail polish to keep its luster and shine, the solar nail remarkably can get away with it. Solar nails can retain its shine and glossy appearance for much longer. Moreover, it also has a more natural look compared to the regular acrylic.

To know how solar nails are done, watch this video

Tips On Proper Nail Care: Do’s and Don'ts


  • Keeping it clean and dry

Make sure that you always wear cotton-lined rubber gloves if you are washing dishes, using harmful chemicals, and cleaning. Prolonged exposure or contact with water can easily soften your nails and cause it to split or break. You also need to maintain your fingernails clean at all times. Use nail clippers to trim your fingernails on a regular basis. In doing this, you can prevent bacteria from dwelling under your fingernails.

  • Moisturize

Keeping your hands moisturized is also important. You can use any lotion or moisturizer of your choice in doing this. Generously apply moisturizer to your hands including your fingernails and cuticles as well.

  • Protective Layer

You can opt to apply a nail hardener to promote further strengthening of your nails.


  • Biting nails and picking cuticles

Avoid nail-biting and picking at your cuticles. These are not habits that can cause possible damage to your nail bed. Furthermore, this can also allow fungi or bacteria to enter and cause infection.

  • Pulling off hangnails

Another bad habit is pulling off hangnails. This can cause live tissue to be ripped along with your hangnail if not done properly. Rather than pulling off your hangnails, it is best that you clip it off carefully.

  • Ignoring nail problems

If you have noticed that you have signs or symptoms of nail issues, it is best that you seek or consult a professional. Once an issue occurs, you need to go to a dermatologist for an immediate evaluation.


Conclusively, paying close attention to what you use for your overall self-care and beautification means knowing if the product is good for you to use or not. Make sure to look into the product in detail and learn how these products will benefit you. Being aware of these things can spare you from any possible mishap.

I hope you have learned something from this article. Was this article helpful in answering your inquiry of what are solar nails? Were you able to pick up essential things about nail care? Do you have other suggestions regarding this topic? Feel free to let me know your thoughts by leaving your comment below.

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