Does Meth Cause Acne? 3 Ways It Can Ruin Your Skin

Taking care of your skin goes beyond just using a proper skincare regimen and buying a complete set of skincare products such as moisturiser and facial cleansers. It also involves eating the right food and not using any substance that may potentially cause problems to your skin. Wondering what the answer is to the question of does meth cause acne

Meth, when abused or used, has often made people wonder if it will cause acne. If you are one of these people, then you have come to the right place. So here’s what you will do: sit back and sit tight; relax and read away as you find out the answer to the question of does meth cause acne?

Does Meth Cause Acne? All the Effects of Meth on Your Skin

Does Meth Cause Acne

And that’s the million dollar question — unfortunately, I’m here to deliver some bad news. Yes, meth can cause acne and a whole lot of other bad effects on your skin.However, the very obvious and visible side effects among these mentioned effects is the collective group of pimples also known as acne.

Acne is, obviously, not something you can easily which is why all too often, people associate breakouts on the skin with usage or intake of meth.Below are some of the ways in which meth can affect your skin. Let’s jump right into it and find out what are these effects!

  • Skin picking in a compulsive manner

One thing that you may probably experience if you are constantly using or taking meth is this consistent feeling that you have these certain bugs grovelling underneath your skin. As a result, all too often, people like you may end up scratching through your skin. And the more you do it, the harder and deeper you get underneath the surface.

So as you tend to do this more and more, chances are you may end up inflicting wounds upon yourself that are just as bad as acne. It can get worse if you already have existing acne because these acne marks may result into deeper scars.So since I mentioned that is compulsive, what does it mean by that?

Well I say compulsive because it will be something you cannot control or will have struggle controlling. This is because this said compulsive manner is actually a psychological effect of the element of meth which is just called formication.

  • Lack of hydration
Does Meth Cause Acne

In other words, this lack of hydration means dehydration. As you can see, if you are someone who really both consistently and constantly uses or consumes meth, the chances are you do not really drink much water.This tendency is actually very common for users of meth. So what happens when you don’t drink that much water?

That’s right; you end up becoming dehydrated and as a result, your skin is also dehydrated. When your skin is dehydrated, your skin ends up lacking the moisture that gives it protection.When your skin become dehydrated and dry, your pores just automatically shrinks in size and as a result, dirt such as oil and sweat will block the pores and will activate a response to inflammation on the skin. As a result, acne happens on your skin.

  • Lack of nutrition

There is a link between poor appetite as well as usage of the element of meth. When you have poor appetite, your health tends to go down since you lack the energy to keep going. You need to refuel.Because of this, it becomes all too common that people who use meth often drop weight. This is why images of people using meth usually depicts thin people with their eyes almost bulging out of their eye sockets.

When this happens, it is not just the weight that falls down to an unhealthy quantity but so does the amount of the nutrients being provided by vegetables such as vitamins. When all these happen, your skin also experiences the consequences of an unhealthy diet.What happens is that your skin loses that glow and ends up looking gloomy and dull.

In addition, it also loses some of its elasticity. All of these lead to unhealthy skin and will be breeding ground for formations of acne.

How to Prevent Acne Breakouts while Using Meth

Does Meth Cause Acne

So here are some realistic tips and tricks you can dutifully follow to give your skin some breathing space without having to lay off of your meth usage.

  • Make sure you follow a strict skin care regimen. Counteract the side effects of meth with a proper skin care routine that will help you maintain the health of your skin. Ensure that you have a proper product for cleansing, as well as a toner. Moisturizer is also a must.
  • Stay hydrated. Regardless of how you are feeling, regardless of how meth makes you feel like you are not in need of water, make sure you always drink at least eight glasses of water each day. This will ensure your skin stays hydrated.
  • If you feel like your appetite is really down and you feel like you cannot do much about it, you may instead supplement it with some vitamin and mineral pills that can give you your body’s much-needed nutrients.

Final Thoughts

To sum it all up, yes, meth can cause acne. Meth has a lot of side effects on your body that will make your system unhealthy and directly exposed to acne and pimples. Examples of these are lack of nutrition which leads to an unhealthy skin. You may also experience compulsive skin picking. However, bear in mind that you can counteract this with some measures such as having a proper skin care regimen and drinking vitamins.

There you have it, folks! I hope you enjoyed this article. Should you have any other suggestions, comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to leave them down below. I’ll see you on the next article!

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