Best Smelling Body Wash for Men – Top 5 Products Reviews 2018

We always take our extra time to prepare in the morning and make sure that we look our best. We, women, take our time to execute our skin care routine, use the foundation apt for our skin and create some of the cutest makeup looks. This, in part, is to ensure that we look our most proper as a form of respect for the people we will encounter throughout the day. In turn, men also have the same need. And to make sure they look their best, an important factor is their scent which is why in this article, I have rounded up the best smelling body wash for men for the year of 2017.

Best Smelling Body Wash for Men in 2017

The Antifungal soap by Oleavine is an all natural body wash that is heavily infused with organic substances such as Tea Tree Oil. Since it contains natural ingredients like Tea Tree, this body wash is able to get rid off body odor as an added plus.

The formula that this comes with helps in soothing dry skin and also helps in reducing inflammation of the skin. The Tea Tree is also good for oily skin.

Moreover, this body wash is heavily equipped with a bunch of essential fatty acids such as Omega 3, 6, 7 and 9. It helps to nourish the skin and locks in moisture which provide relief to the skin.

This body wash also utilizes Neem oil as one of its main ingredient. This substance enables the Oleavine body wash to relieve dry skin and hype up your skin’s production of collagen which will make your skin look firmer and more supple.


  • Keeps oil at bay
  • Locks in moisture
  • Both good for dry skin and oily skin
  • Contains essential fatty acids
  • Helps to get rid off odor
  • Antifungal
  • Good Tea Tree scent


  • May cause a burning feeling
  • May not be fit for those with sensitive skin

This body wash is another organic and natural type of body wash. The ingredients that Everyone Soap uses mostly come from plants.

Another good thing I also liked about this product is that it comes with more than one purpose. This body wash can also be used as a shampoo and even as a shaving gel.

This body wash is also infused with different essential oils that enables you to relax your sense. These oils include Lavender, Cedar and Orange.

Moreover, this product further adds moisture to the skin since it contains vitamin E and B5. It is also blended with cleansers that are derived from coconut. This property helps in nourishing the skin and leaving it soft.

Another added plus is the structure of this product. The bottle is made out of recycled materials and comes in a pump bottle that ensures you efficiency. This bottle makes it a good fit for the eco friendly.


  • Infused with essential oils such as lavender and orange
  • Adds moisture to the skin
  • Contains vitamin E and B5
  • Contains coconut-derived cleansing substances
  • Good structure of bottle


  • Leaves residue on the skin
  • Has a tendency to cause breakouts

This exfoliating body wash contains some of the best substances that make it a perfect exfoliating body wash.

The AXE body wash is equipped with minerals from the desert and cactus oil and contains a formula that helps in getting rid off dead skin cells.

Another thing I absolutely loved about this is the fragrance and scent it comes with. If smelling sexy and real masculine is a top priority for you then this AXE body wash can be a perfect fit for you.

Do take note though that you can only exfoliate around twice a week.


  • Has a good masculine scent
  • Contains desert minerals and cactus oil
  • Gets rid off dirt really well
  • Does not dry out skin


  • Consistency is a bit thick
  • Can be pricey

This body wash by Old Spice comes in a light gel consistency. Despite is thick consistency, this body wash lathers up really well. Do take note though that you may have to use a sponge or a washcloth with this one.

Without the use of any sponge, loofah or washcloth, this body wash has a tendency to just drip off because of the consistency.

Another good thing about this product is that gives you a really strong scent. If you are however worried about coming off a bit too strong, then ease your worried.

While you may be engulfed in a strong scent the moment you step out of the shower, the strong scent quickly dies down after quite some time.

At the end, it leaves you with a long lasting subtle good fragrance. With its content of mineral oil, this Old Spice body wash helps to get rid off any body odor as well.


  • Lathers up really well
  • Leaves you with a subtle good scent and fragrance
  • Slams down any bad odor


  • Consistency is a bit too light

The NIVEA body wash is unique in a sense that it leaves you with an icy menthol feeling after using it. Even after long you have gotten out of the shower, the icy cool menthol feeling still stays on the skin.

More than just the feeling, this body wash also leaves you with a really good icy menthol scent that also lasts really long.

Besides the scent and the feeling it leaves you with, this body wash gives out many benefits that does not just help the skin but also the face and the hair.

This body wash is able to get rid off sweat and dirt while still leaving your skin deeply moisturized.


  • A hydrating body wash
  • Moisturized the body
  • Leaves you with a good menthol scent
  • Washes away dirt well


  • May experience a burning sensation when used down in your private part
  • Can discolor washcloth

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Smelling Body Wash for Men?

There is a reason why the set and list of body washes for a man are different from those of a woman. This is because men generally have a thicker or coarser skin. Men are also heavily blessed in a sense that they have an increased amount of collagen in their bodies which makes them look a lot of times younger than people of the opposite sex. With that being sad, there is also a set of factors that men have to consider when buying a body wash. 

  • Identify the type of body wash
Plastic bottles of body care and beauty products.

Body wash comes in many forms. First, there is the shower gel. From the name itself, shower gel has a gel consistency. This makes it more lightweight than others. Shower gels also have low content of detergent which makes them less harsh than shampoo and makes them apt to be put on the skin. Moreover, shower gel is also equipped with the correct set of properties that makes it able to to wash away grime and dirt from the skin.

Second is the moisturizing body wash. As compared to the shower gel, moisturizing body washes have a thicker consistency. This is because moisturizing body washes usually come in creamier forms. They are infused with different ingredients and substances that give them the ability to moisturize skin. Some of these are oil and petroleum.

The third category is the exfoliating body wash. These types of body washes are most typically grittier than the two other types. They also tend to be harsher on the skin.

As a result, these types of body washes must only be used two to three times a week. The reason why they are harsher than most is because they are infused with exfoliating properties that enables them to remove away dead skin cells from the skin. This, in return, keeps the skin supple, smooth and clear.

  • Determine your skin type
Plastic bottles of body care and beauty products.

This is perhaps one of the most crucial factor to consider. Your body wash of preference must always depend on the type of skin you have. First common skin type is sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin are more prone to chemicals and other harmful substances. As a result, sensitive skin are in need of moisturizing body washes. One of the ingredients you can look for is glycerin which is a substance found in many wash, soaps or gels. This substance helps lock in moisture in your skin.

Next skin type is the acne-prone skin. For skin that is vulnerable to acne and other skin conditions, what you most need are exfoliating skin care products. These products help to get rid off dead skin cells while still keeping pore open. One of the substance you can look for is Tea Tree Oil. It helps to stop spreading of infection and also to reduce inflammation of the skin.

Third skin type is dry skin. Just like the first skin type, dry skin is also in need of body wash with moisturizing properties. More than just that, you also need to refrain from using products that contain harsh ingredients such as detergent. One of the primary causes of dry skin is the lack of moisture.

For this reason and more, you should use moisturizing body washes. They are also creamier which make them more apt to lock in moisture. One ingredient you can try to look for is shea butter. It contains essential fatty acids that are good for the skin.

  • Determine the ingredients
Coconut oil, body coffee scrub on gray

Not all body washes contain ingredients that only offer beneficial and safe ingredients. For this reason, there are certain substances and ingredients you have to watch out for. Some of these may include but are not limited to ammonium lauryl sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate. These two substances may cause eye irritation and may cause trouble for the scalp and your hair follicles.

AOS, Sodium C14-16 and Olefin Sulfate that can also be known as Alpha Olefin Sulfonate contains a few amount of a toxin called benzene. Moreover, another carcinogen named Cocamide-DEA may put people at risk for cancer.

Additional Tips

Box with spa products on wood over blurred bathroom interior

Body washes are not simply put on the skin and spread with the use of hands or fingers. Along with these washes, you will need a complementary sponge, loofah or washcloth for accompaniment.Just like the body wash, the complementary washcloth will also depend in your type of skin. If you have sensitive skin and you are sensitive to pain, a soft sponge may be what is a best fit for you.

However, refrain from using a Scotch sponge. These types of sponges have a brillo backing and tend to be harsher. Moreover, for a deeper form of exfoliation, it is probably best to go for loofahs.

Final Thoughts

And the best body wash for men goes to NIVEA Men Cool 3-in-1 Body Wash. First off, this body wash is especially designed for men and equipped with the necessary ingredients and substances such as glycerin, hydrogenated castor oil and citric acid that makes this body wash really good at getting rid of dirt.

This body wash also hydrates the skin and leaves it deeply moisturized. It also offers three purposes and acts as a body, hair and facial wash all at the same time. Moreover, this product lathers up really well and leaves you with a masculine menthol scent.

So there you have it, guys! I hope this article really helped you on your journey to finding the best smelling body wash for men for you! If you have any more questions, suggestions or just recommendations, do not hesitate to leave them down below! 🙂

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