Best Pill Crusher — 2018’s Top Picks to Crush Your Pills

If you wanna find out the best pill crusher for this year, then you have come to the right place. In this article, you will get a buying guide on what to look for in a pill crusher. After all, maybe some of you have little to no previous knowledge about pill crusher? Well, from the label itself, it is used to crush or grind medicine pills.

Drinking your meds is a must to ensuring that your health will be properly taken care of. However, sometimes you have done your dosage a bit. Or perhaps, it is your kid who still cannot digest or swallow a whole pill. With that being said, having a pill crusher or grinder at home really comes in handy. Read on for more information.



Product's Name


Product Dimensions

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Ezy Dose Ezy Crush Pill Crusher

80 oz

2.8 x 2.8 x 2.8 inches


Silent Knight Pill Crusher by McKesson

67.52 oz

11.8 x 5 x 3.8 inches


Ultra Fine Cut N Crush by Ezy Dose

0.3 oz

1.5 x 3 x 6.2 inches


Carex Health Brands Ultra Pill Crusher

2.24 oz

2.6 x 2.6 x 2 inches


3 in 1 Pill Cutter, Crusher, Grinder by Bexeen

2.9 oz

5.2 x 0.8 x 2.3 inches

Best Pill Crusher — Top Picks to Crush Your Pills

The Ezy Dose Ezy Crush Pill Crusher is really perfect for those who are looking to travel or go out of town with your pill crusher at hand. This is because the Ezy Dose Ezy Pill Crusher is very small and compact.

However, despite being small, the design that this pill crusher comes with is truly and is proven to be really efficient. In fact, one of the things I really appreciate about this one is that it comes with a good number of different functions.

One of its feature is a pill splitter. In the event that you do not want to grind your pill into a million tiny little pieces but just want to split the dosage, this feature will come really handy for you.

It also comes with a storage compartment where you can store the pills. Lastly, it also comes with a handy drinking cup and finally, the mechanism that allows it to crush your pills.

  • Product Dimensions: 2.8 x 2.8 x 2.8 inches
  • 80 oz


  • Utilizes a stainless steel blade
  • Utilizes a stainless steel blade
  • Lightweight and good for traveling


  • May strain your wrist after a couple of twists

The Silent Knight Pill Crusher has been notorious for being used by a variety of people from all sorts of fields and professionals. In fact, this pill crusher by Silent Knight is widely used by different medical professionals or even in nursing homes.

This is because this pill crusher really allows you to grind medicinal pills into little pieces with minimal effort and even with little to no noise. This is probably best for those who need pill crusher for the purpose of taking care of the senior citizens in your household such as your grandma or grandpa.

Furthermore, this pill crusher also uses a pouch for easy and efficient storage. One thing I appreciate about this one is that the pouch was really made to ensure that your pill is stored safely while you are crushing them.

As for the additional features, this crusher also comes with a medication list of pills that are not suitable for crushing.

  • Product Dimensions: 11.8 x 5 x 3.8 inches
  • 67.52 oz


  • Durable
  • Comes with a list of medication
  • Comes with a pouch for storage
  • Crushes pill without noise and with little to no effort


  • May separate pills into a flat mass

Here is another pill crusher by Ezy Dose. This one is called the Ultra Fine Cut N Crush and true to its name, this pill crusher by Ezy Dose really cuts, grinds and crushes your pills with an amazing precision.

One of the feature I like about this is the fact that this pill crusher uses stainless steel bade. What is better is that it stays sharp even after a long time of being used.

Moreover, this also comes with a storage that has an admirable capacity. This pill crusher comes with with a compartment that can hold up to four pills inside the built-in storage that it comes with.

Aside from those, this one is also really perfect for traveling. Or even if you are always on the go. This pill crusher comes with a built in drinking cup plus a cover. You can directly consume the medicine from there. Lastly, it really grinds your pills to little powder pieces.

  • Product Dimensions: 1.5 x 3 x 6.2 inches


  • Perfect for those that are always on the go
  • Has a storage compartment that can hole up to 4 pills
  • Has a built in drinking cup


  • Small pills may be hard to crush

The pill crusher by Carex Health Brands is truly one of the pill crushers or grinders that is very easy to operate. Just push down and your pills will already be crushed. One of the things I truly appreciate about this one which I am certain you will also is the triangular handle that it comes with.

This triangular hand also comes with an ergonomic grip. This pill crusher uses a really tight seal and utilizes high pressure for it to be able to crush the pills. Just like most crushers, this pill crusher also has a built in storage compartment which is very convenient since this allows you to store your pills inside.

  • Product Dimensions: 2.6 x 2.6 x 2 inches
  • 2.24 ounces


  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a triangular handle with an ergonomic grip
  • Uses a tight seal to put pressure against


  • Bottom half may strain hand

This 3 in 1 pill crusher, cutter and grinder by Bexeen is truly one of the best. It incorporates a lot of elements in just one product. One of the things you will possibly appreciate about this one is that it very easy to use and operate.

It features this top that you can easily twist to crush the pills. Aside from this, it is very attractive and looks easy in the eye. It also features a multi use pill splitter that you can use to split the dosage of your pill in the event that you do not need to crush them into tiny little pieces.

It comes with this adaptable wings that will allow you to hold those tablets that are big in size and cut them equally and precisely.

  • Product Dimensions: 5.2 x 0.8 x 2.3 inches


  • Comes with compartment and storage
  • Features a pill cutter mechanism
  • Has adaptable wings
  • Portable and travel friendly


  • Splitting pills into two mag be hard

Having doubts about getting a pill crusher?

Having a pill crusher or a pill grinder at home is not really a common thing among most households? In fact, maybe even some of you have no prior knowledge about what a pill crusher is. This is probably because at first glance getting a pill crusher does not really seem like a necessity. However, having a pill crusher at home can really be handy so if you are having second thoughts about getting one then read away.

1. This is best for picky family members or relatives.

If you are taking care of old family members such as your elderlies like your grandparents or you are often babysitting your younger siblings or your nieces and nephews, then chances are, you probably need the use of pill crusher. The people I have mentioned are more often than not, the ones are very picky when it comes to drinking medicines.

However, drinking meds is something that one must not escape to ensure health. One way you can opt to do is to place the medicine pills inside your pill crusher or grinder. After you have crushed them into a million tiny little pieces, you may already sneak them inside a variety of snacks. These snacks may include smoothie or shake.

2. Some people, me already included, really have a hard time swallowing and digesting pills.

Best pill crusher

In my case, no matter how much water I drink, I still never get to fully digest the pills. This dilemma may be hassle and may even pose a problem since it threatens your comfort. As a result, having a pill crusher or grinder will surely help. You may opt to place your medicine pills inside the tool and grind it into small tiny pieces.

Then you can now put them in your mouth, followed by water. When your medicine pills are crushed, you are assured and ensured that you will be able to fully swallow digest the medicine pills.

3. More than just helping with swallowing the pills, drinking crushed pills also helps with absorption.

In fact, health industry experts have done studies and have proven that a lot of times, capsules and tablets just pass through the body systems without even being fully absorbed. As a result, the nutrition found inside the capsules or tablets just pass by without our body getting the required nutrients it needs.

All the said nutrients such as the vitamins and minerals are banded together by a binding element. This element is really difficult for your body to absorb. As a result, some particles of the unabsorbed parts of the capsule end up in your bloodstream. This can bring about a great number of health complications such as blocked vessels or pain in the joints.

What are the factors to consider when buying?

1. System

System is one of the most essential features you have to consider when choosing on a good pill crusher. This is because it is the system that will primarily decide how much effort you are going to exert on operating the pill crusher. For example, if you have a hard time using your fingers, most especially if you have arthritis then it is probably best that you do not use a manual pill crusher.

Specifically, those small plastic ones that has a twisted top. If, however, you decide to want to have or use a contraption without having to use any electricity or battery. Keep in mind though that if you are after convenience and comfort, then I would advise you to go for those automatic pill crusher or grinder. They may be costly but very worth it.

2. Portability

This factor is one of the most overlooked factors. A lot of people do not take this into consideration when first getting one. Keep in mind that if you are planning on taking it with you wherever especially when you have plans of traveling or going out of town, then portability is something you really must consider.

Consider going for those little ones that you can just keep in your mind and take wherever and whenever. However, if you just plan on keeping it at home then it is probably best to get those midsize ones or the big ones. In that way, you can just display them in your room, kitchen or living room.

3. Additional Mechanisms

Third thing is, like the name itself, just an added plus. It is not so much of a requirement nor a necessity. But it will really make your life better if you have a pill crusher or grinder than has additional mechanisms such as allowing you to crush your pills into two pieces. After all, it is not all the time that you have to crush your pills in little pieces. It is easy to use. Just twist the top to flush your pilos. Aside from this, it also comes with a pill cutting mechanism.

Final Thoughts

And the winner for this roundup is the Silent Knight Pill Crusher by McKesson. It is very durable and crushes pills easily. It allows you to do its job with little to no effort and without noise at all. This makes it perfect for nursing homes which us probably the reason why this tool is widely used by a a lot of people from all walks of life. It also comes with a pouch where you can use for storage.

Additionally, it also comes with a list of medication that talks about the pills that may potentially damage your health.

So there you have it, guys! I hope this article really helped you on your journey to finding the best pill crusher for you! If you have any more questions, suggestions or just recommendations, do not hesitate to leave them down below! 🙂

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