Best Outdoor Tanning Lotion (Must Read before Buying)

Whether summer is around the corner or still a couple of months away, the hype surrounding bronze skin just never wavers. For this reason, people are always on the lookout for methods that can give them that highly desired golden brown skin. Use of the best outdoor tanning lotion is one of these.

These lotions speed up the process of scoring that tanned skin and keeps your skin moisturized despite being under the sun and even protects your skin to a degree from burning or peeling. I understand how much of a struggle it can get so I crafted an updated buying guide you can use before you make a purchase!

Best Outdoor Tanning Lotion in 2017


This outdoor tanning lotion is an example of a natural bronzer. This is one of the lotions I use when I want whenever I want a robust, deep and dark tan. As a natural bronzer, the Australian Gold Jwoww Black Bronzer offers you a long-lasting and deeper tan.

However, one thing that can be a bit frustrating about this is the fact that it can take longer than usual to see results. It also has a smell that I do not like that much. It, however, comes with moisturizing ingredients such as kukui oil and seed extract from hemp among others that makes sure your skin stays hydrated.


  • Can be used as an additional tanning lotion for a richer tanning impact
  • Contains natural moisturizing ingredients such as kukui oil and seed extract from hemp
  • Has Carmel, Monoi de Tahiti, Walnut Shell extract which provides a darker and more robust bronze color
  • Leaves skin soft


  • Not so good smell
  • May take too long before you get desired results


When I was starting out and only beginning to experiment with outdoor tanning lotions, one of the first ones I used was the Ed Hardy Coconut Tanning Lotion. Since it is only an intensifier, it is real ideal for beginners. They intensify the process of your tanning through natural methods without using bronzing agents.

It contains ingredients which speed up your tanning process naturally such as by increasing melanin formation and synthesizing melanin for long-lasting results. Its trio content of Coconut oil, coconut milk & cocoa butter also all make for a good combo since it provides your skin with a deep hydration.


  • Uses natural processes
  • Gives skin a real smooth and silky effect
  • Does not harshly leave skin with an unnatural tan
  • Contains natural ingredients that gives moisturizing benefits


  • I did not like the smell of this one
  • You won’t see an immediate intense impact


I love this product for a variety of reasons. One, it is formulated with pure and natural ingredients. It contains coconut oil, aloe vera, argan oil and green tea which has hydrating skin properties. With all those ingredients, I’m confident that my skin isn’t being harmed by dangerous chemicals.

Furthermore, it also enables me to get a sunkissed glow without the danger of getting a sunburn or any dangerous skin condition, Moreover, the glow it gives is an all-natural one leaving you with a look that does not look fake.


  • Broad spectrum
  • Contains all-natural ingredients such argan oil and aloe vera that provide hydrating properties
  • Provides protection against chemicals
  • Works as well for people with pale skin
  • Gives you a natural glow


  • Consistency can be too thick for some


The number one thing I really love about this product is that it contains silicone emulsion which is just a hundred times extra advanced when it comes to tanning process and methods and one of the recognized auto-tan darkening technology.

It also contains a lot of ingredients such as fruit extract, caffeine, green tea extracts, extracts from leaves, and calcium ascorbate that ensures you will get an instant result. I guess the only thing I didn’t like about this is that it’s a self-tanner.


  • Contains a bronzing ingredient which is silicone that speeds up result
  • Gives you a rich, robust and dark tan
  • Can both be used for outdoors and indoors


  • It is not a self-tanner


Now, the feature I love about this Millennium product is the fact that it comes with fifty more times auto darkening tan technology. Moreover, since it contains silicone emulsion blend, it leaves my skin feeling smooth and silky afterwards. It contains a high quality formula that does not just leave your skin feeling moisturized, but also speeds up the tanning process of your body as plus points, it also contains ingredients that firms up the skin.


  • Has a fifty times auto darkening technology
  • Firms up the skin
  • Leaves skin feeling moisturized


  • May take some time to see desired results, especially for fair skin

What a Tanning Lotion Should Do?

Moisturizes your skin

When your skin is exposed to the sun, a lot of things happen. The skin drying out is one of these harmful effects than the sun can cause. Using an outdoor tanning lotion can help protect and prevent your skin from drying out by making sure it stays hydrated. It gives your skin moisture to stay healthy and protected against the skin while still getting that desired tan color.

Long-lasting tan skin

Another effect of having dry skin is the occurrence of skin peeling. After you get your desired bronze skin and this happens, it can be very frustrating. Remember once your skin peels, your current skin will be replaced with a new form. However, if you use an outdoor tanning lotion which moisturizes your skin, the occurrence of your skin peeling will not be until much later. In short, it will be delayed.

Speeds up the tanning process

The one thing I most loved about outdoor tanning lotions is their ability to make the tanning process of my skin go at a much faster rate. Outdoor tanning lotions contain certain elements and substances that target some of your skin cells which triggers the process of skin tanning, gives it a little nudge, and ultimately, speeds up the process and maximize your tan.

Protects skin from burning

Burning is almost synonymous to the word and idea of tanning which make sense because when your skin is exposed to the sun for a long time, it is almost impossible not to get burnt. After all, it is burnt skin that indirectly causes your skin to turn bronze or golden. Remember, the look of your bronze skin is just melanin, which is the brown pigment that is responsible for protecting you against harmful UVA Rays of the sun.

And, while this can be obvious, when your skin gets sunburned, it is never a good sign. This will make your skin vulnerable to skin cancer. When use outdoor tanning lotion and apply it to your skin, your skin’s exposure to the occurrence of burning is lessened.

Gives nutrients to skin

Another thing I do not like about tanning is that my skin will inevitably be vulnerable to many skin problems because once it drys out, the vitamin and nutrients in my skin will be gone, as well. Thankfully, outdoor tanning lotions exist. Whenever I use them, my skin does not just get moisturized but hydrated with nutrients, as well.

No to uneven tans

Uneven tans can sometimes not be avoided. This can be due to peeling. Sometimes, not your entire skin peels. Using an outdoor tanning lotion, provided that you apply it all over your body, tends to balance it out and even prevents your skin from peeling so soon.

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Tanning Lotion

  • Is this your first time using a tanning lotion?

Now if your answer to this question is yes then you might consider getting an outdoor tanning lotion from the category of Pure or Intensifier, first. They are ideal for beginner tanners for they help you tan to the best of you natural abilities up to at least 70% swifter than normal. If, however, you want to step up a bit, natural bronzers are the one for you. You can also use cosmetic bronzers. They all give an immediate boost and provides a long-lasting impact.

  • Does it contain moisturizing elements?

Outdoor tanning lotions should not just contain typical moisturizing ingredients. Since one of its purpose is to protect your skin from the sun which requires more robust ingredients for moisturization and hydration. It can be something organic and natural such as aloe or something chemical and more complex than the usual. Take note, as well, that products with more natural substances are less thick or sticky and will less likely leave you with a greasy feel.

  • Does it contain SPF and if it does, what kind?

​Skin care products that contain SPF usually come in two forms. We all know that SPF’s job is to protect us from the harmful rays of the sun, but what rays exactly? To be precise, there is the broad spectrum and there is the limited spectrum. UVB rays are the ones responsible for affecting and impacting the uppermost layer of your skin and these are the rays in which limited spectrum protects your skin from.

However, for maximum protection you are going to need more. Broad spectrum offers protection both from UVA rays and UVB rays. UVA rays are more serious than UVB because they can penetrate through the epidermis or the top most layer of your skin which make them more dangerous. Overall, it gives me a really natural glow which I love.


After careful evaluation and observation of all the products in these roundup, I would have to say the clear winner for me would be the Beauty by Earth Self Tanner. It had so many plus points and is able to fulfill all the considerations I have stated in the above part of the article.

First, it offers broad protection from chemicals and sun damage. This is very essential because you do not have to soak yourself up under the sun for a long time and be exposed to sunrays. Second, despite my palish skin, this left me with an all-natural glow that did not look forced or fake since it blends well with the skin. Third, it contains natural ingredients that leave my skin smooth and keeps it moisturized.

So there you have it, guys! I hope this article really helped you on your journey to finding the best outdoor tanning lotion for you! If you have any more questions, suggestions or just recommendations, do not hesitate to leave them down below! 🙂

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