Best Hooded Hair Dryer for African American Hair – Review 2018

In the current modern era, our acknowledgement for diversity has come a long way. Wherein before, we would only fit the word beauty in a certain stereotypical category, now we have finally begun to acknowledge that beauty comes in all forms, color, race and ethnicity. Unfortunately, with each category, there comes a different set of problems.

Case in point: African American hair tend to be more voluptuous and hard to be tamed than other hair types. And since we now live in a more woke world, they are now represented in the beauty industry. For the aforementioned reason, brands have started to release products like hooded hair dryer that cater to the African American market. Read on for my top 2017 picks.

Best Hooded Hair Dryer for African American Hair in 2017


As a self-professed beauty obsessed geek living in today world, I am always on my phone scrolling through different social media feeds of mine. For this reason, I totally fell in love with the purple translucent design of this model because it does not just add a stylish touch to the hooded dryer model but is also convenient for me for I am able to use and read my phone while drying my hair.

Moreover, I also liked that it's visors can be easily adjusted which is able to fit even the biggest rollers. I also loved that it works a hair treatment since it comes with a pre-moisture system.

  • Comes with a pre-moisture feature and tourmaline that uses the negative ion technology
  • Comes with a power wattage of 1875
  • Goes with an adjustable visor
  • Has a speed settings of 2 and heat settings of 4


  • Comes at a relatively lower price tag
  • Contains tourmaline
  • Comes with a translucent stylish front visor
  • Multiple heat settings of 4 and speed settings of


  • Drying time tend to be longer than usual


Just like the first model, this one comes with a perfectly sleek design. This one offers a professional outstanding performance but still comes in a non complicated structure. It is small and resembles a pod which makes it very easy to use.

One thing I loved about this is its multiple styling settings which gives me a variety of options to choose from. With its four styling settings and a 1875 power wattage, this model certainly delivers even at a more affordable price.

  • Comes with multiple styling settings of four
  • Uses a negative ion technology
  • Has a power wattage of 1875 watts
  • Imbued with tourmaline


  • Has a small built which makes it easy to use
  • Comes with a sleek design
  • Lightweight structure
  • Relatively more affordable


  • Bottom can be sturdier
  • Needs a feature in which you’ll be able to choose a temp


I consider the Laila Ionic Dryer model as one of my top picks for a lot of reasons. First is that it is the most portable among the list. As a top hooded hair dryer model, I love that I can take this with me whenever I travel and wherever I go. The hood size is also big and versatile enough to fit even the biggest rollers. Moreover, its stylish purple color also makes it a good product. And lastly, my favorite is its hair flow technology.

  • Comes with a special feature called the hair flow technology which moisturizes hair
  • Features a negative ion technology
  • Portable structure as it is a top hooded dryer type
  • Has a large round hood


  • Has a very portable structure
  • Stylish purple design
  • Comes with a special feature that is able to moisturize my hair
  • Hood size is big and can fit many roller sizes


  • Has a disturbing sound which can be inconvenient for some people


This made in Italy high quality dryer is another one of my top picks. I love that despite its size, it is still portable enough because it can be easily adjustable.and also comes with a set of wheels so it is also movable.

Moreover, it also has versatile temperature settings in which I can easily control it. It also goes with a 0 to 60 minute timer which makes it very easy to use. It has a high power wattage of 1100 watts without the danger of getting burned since it’s CE certified.

  • Italian made premium dryer
  • Portable stand and easily adjustable
  • Comes with a convenient 0 to 60 minute timer
  • Goes with adjustable temperature settings


  • Has a high power watt of 1100 that is CE certified
  • Portable stand and can be transferred
  • Has an easy 0 to 60 minute timer
  • Dryer model comes with a large base


  • Price can be a bit pricey for some


This dryer model is my fave for many reasons. One, because adjustable temperature settings which makes it easy for me to use it. Second, it also uses negative ion technology which helps promote good quality of hair. It also goes with a really sleek black exterior design. While this may be more on the pricier price tag, I’d still recommend this.

  • Uses negative ion technology
  • Comes with a power wattage of 2000
  • Comes with temperature settings that are adjustable
  • The stand is easily adjustable and comes with rollers


  • Comes with easy adjustable settings
  • Very sleek black design
  • Uses negative ion technology
  • Adjustable height


  • Comes with a heftier price tag

What to Consider Before Buying

  • What type of hair do you have?

Generally, there are two major Afro hair types. The first is the stereotypical curly or kinky hair. The other is a tamed, straightened or relaxed hair. Let us first dive deep into the first category for a more in-depth discussion. The first type can be divided into 4 sub groups.

First, you are considered to have this hair type if closely compressed but defined and compacted curls. This also usually means your hair elasticity is in the range of normal to high. Next sub group is when you have a hair that closely resembles the letter S. Usually, this specific hair type is more prone to dryness and frizziness. 

Third sub group is when your hair nearly resembles the letter Z and comes with a fluffy look. It is also usually vulnerable to breakage. Moreover, there's the last subgroup. This type is quite similar to the former in which this one is just slightly more twisted around each other. As a result, it is very hard to untangle the strands.

The other hair type is not really a natural hair type. For this hair type, I’m pertaining to straightened hair done through methods of relaxation or thermal recondition. Usually, when you undergo these processes, the protein or keratin in your hair is lessened resulting into less strong hair. Due to all these, your hair will be more vulnerable to breakage.

  • Are you planning to get soft hooded or hard hooded?

In all honesty, there is no better hood dryer types between the two of them. It will always depend on your own set of preferences and concerns. Hard hooded dryer types are often more expensive than the soft hooded as they are usually designed to be used in salons.

As a result, they give superb professional performance and even come in many types. Soft hooded, on the other hand, are more basic but more portable and easy to use. Both types come with their respective required power wattage. As a rule of thumb, for soft hooded types, the necessary power wattage is around 500 to 800. For hard hooded dryers, the required wattage is around 1200 to 1900.

  • Does it have versatile heat and speed settings?

Your hair dryer model must come with adjustable speed and heat settings. This allows you to have full control over it. With natural curly and thick hair, a higher setting is more needed. As for straightened hair, they cannot usually withstand high heat as this can be harmful. For this reason, they need a little heat.

  • Does it utilize the negative ion technology?

Usually dryer models that contain ceramics or tourmaline are the one that uses this technology. What does this technology exactly mean? Your dryer model has to catalyze negative charged ions to shut down the cuticles in your hair that will otherwise damage your hair.

With this technology, the process of drying your hair also speeds up as it breaks down water molecules into smaller molecules. In result, this gives a sleek and shiny look to your mane. Moreover, with this tech, your hair is able to be dried out inside out.

  • Does it go with a cool air feature?

Heat is an essential element to drying. However, this does not mean you will not be needing any cool air anymore. For best results, you are going to have to switch up to cool air level once you are almost at the end of the process. This feature is necessary to stop your hair from getting damaged due to over drying.

  • Do you need a portable enough model?

Hooded dryers can come in many types. Some can be carried from one location to another, some from one city to another; some are only from one room to another and some cannot be carried at all. More often than not, these models come with roller wheels. This allows you to be able to move your hooded dryer models from one room to another.

However, this only allows for minimal movement. If you are ever planning on taking to you when you go out of town, you may opt for a different type. You can get yourself, instead, a top hooded hair dryer. They are usually collapsible, or in short, you can break down into smaller parts and place them inside your bag or suitcases and just put it back up.

  • Is the size versatile?

When I meant versatile, I meant does it allow for many head sizes. This is one of the most overlooked factors as people tend to think hooded dryers come with the same sizes. To be sure, get the biggest one so that it can fit multiple head sizes.


All products in the round up are my top picks, however my top most pick among them would have to be the Pibbs 514 Kwik Dri 1100W Salon Dryer with Casters. First of all, it is an Italian-made premium hair dryer. Its structure is well-built. Despite its relatively larger size, it still remains to be portable with its adjustable stand and movable rollers.

It also comes with a set of versatile temperature settings than you can easily switch to and from. Moreover, it comes with an easy to use timer settings of 0 to 60 minutes. Lastly, it comes with a balanced power wattage of 1100 but I love that I don’t have to worry about getting my hair damaged since it uses ion tech and is CE certified.

So there you have it, guys! I hope this article really helped you on your journey to finding the best hooded hair dryer for you! If you have any more questions, suggestions or just recommendations, do not hesitate to leave them down below! 🙂

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