Best Bonnet Hair Dryer – Top 5 Products Review 2018

I often go to a salon to beautify myself. My hair is important and it needs to be pampered once in a while. There are different types of pampering for the hair that is available in salons today. If you notice, salons have various kinds of hair dryers. You always want to get the best bonnet hair dryer for your use. One of the things that you will see in a salon right away is enormous and noticeable bonnet hair dryers.

There are a lot that can be purchased right away, but it is still important to note what you need so to get the one that fits just for you. Aside from this big bonnet hair dryer, there is also the portable soft bonnet hair dryer that you can buy. Here are some of the things that you should consider before buying the best bonnet hair dryer.

Best Bonnet Hair Dryer in 2017


This is a good choice especially if you are looking for a hooded hair dryer. This product features the ionic technology that can also serve as a spa for your hair. This hair dryer is powered by 1875 watts which can dry your hair faster than the rest. You need not worry about the wattage output from this hair dryer since it still leaves your hair silky, shiny, softer, and less frizzy.

We always want our hair to retain its natural texture, and this product gives just that. It does not damage at all. The hair dryer can accommodate even the largest rollers since it has an adjustable bonnet.

This is awesome since you just want the best for your bonnet hair dryer. It features two speeds with four heat options. The product also includes a 9ft cord, two lockable wheels for stability. The legs are removable, so it is easier for you to store the dryer.


  • Easy storage
  • Convenient to use
  • Can work with any hair
  • Powered by 1875 watts


  • Big


This is one of the best soft bonnet dryers available on the market today. This is a portable dryer and is a good pick. It features the ion-infused airflow which can dry the hair quickly. Although it can dry the hair real quick, this item still keeps the hair’s shine. Even if this thing is portable, it still can be used even with large rollers. It is also robust enough to handle high chemicals.

This dryer features three different speeds and settings. The settings are so cool that allow you to style your hair any way you want it. Also, there is a setting that blows cold air into the air to keep the style entirely. This is one perfect hair dryer if you are traveling all the time. You just have to carry it around with you since it is compact and handy.

If you just want to use it at home, this dryer will also fit for that. You can keep it easily if not in use. So you do not have to worry about getting a lot of space in your home since this item does not take a lot of space.


  • It is compact and light
  • Even distribution of the air
  • Accommodates different frames of users
  • Device is secured by elastic drawstrings when in use


  • Hose tubing may cause injury since it can get too hot


This product also features an ion-infused technology that quickly dries the hair. However, it still gives the hair its natural shine and does not damage it. There is also no need to use the highest heat settings because this product already heats up even on a low setting. If you are one that is always traveling, this is the best pick. You just need to keep it and place it properly in its package and carry it around.

If you are one that handles a salon, this is also convenient since you can use it in any area as long as inside the salon. This is also great to carry at home. It is very easy to use, and you just have to relax and have that hair treated.

The cool thing about this product is it dries different hair types. It is convenient since it is portable and can be carried anywhere. You can bring it at a friend’s house or just port it anywhere inside the house. This is also a good pick if you have a salon. You can treat a person’s hair with less hassle.


  • Dries hair quickly
  • Light and compact
  • Can be carried around easily
  • Locks in place
  • Secure to use


  • The product has a short tube
  • High heat may result in injury


Here is another good pick for a bonnet hair dryer. This product features a large hood capacity and unique configuration. There are vent holes all over the hood. This ensures a fast and even distribution of heat. Conditioning treatment is best done with this product. Your hair gets the natural shine even after using this product. This is essential since we do not want our hair to be damaged from a certain device.

A chin strap is attached to the device for the user to quickly adjust it. This chin strap also secures the device in place. There are also side fitting drawstrings to further secure the dryer. It is important to note that the Deluxe dryer needs a separate blow dryer for it to work. The blow dryer needs to be purchased separately. The good thing is, the hose collar is compatible with a lot of different handheld dryers available.


  • Can be carried when traveling
  • It is easy to store
  • This product evenly distributes heat
  • Can be used with hair rollers


  • It needs a separate blow dryer


This product features three distinct temperature settings. The stand of this dryer is adjustable depending on the desired height which is cool. What’s great is the bonnet can also be adjusted using the lift-up visor. The dryer is powered by 1600 watts which can heat up easily. The dryer is also built in with the ionic technology which makes hair dry faster.

Even if it heats up fast, the dryer maintains the hair’s shine, and it does not make your hair frizzy. The functions of this hair dryer ensure that the hair is silky and shiny after using it. It has a very classy design. You can place it anywhere inside your home or any corner in a salon. This looks good anywhere.

The performance is also one of a kind that you will not worry about damaging your hair. The base of the dryer has wheels. This is very good since you can move around the dryer in your desired area of use. There is no need to hold the dryer all the time since it can work as a standalone. You can move around even when using it. You can also use the dryer with rollers on.


  • The dryer can be set up easily
  • It can work to smoothen and straighten hair
  • It can dry the hair quickly
  • You can use hair rollers with this product


  • Air circulation is not consistent
  • The product can be noisy
  • Has few settings

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Bonnet Hair Dryer

There are several factors to consider once you decide to purchase your own bonnet hair dryer. These factors are important so to get the best one. If you want to get more of it, there are always these products available online. It is up to you on how you will use it and that would be the basis in purchasing it. Here are some tips on choosing the best bonnet hair dryer.

When I buy my own hair dryer, I always consider every simple detail to get the best out of a product. This can be challenging since I do not know which ones to choose. There are a lot of products out there that may be great, but it may not be the ones that I need.

I make sure that the product is the one I need. It has to be within my budget, yet has all the necessary product capabilities to be called the best. Yes, you can get the product that you want, but is it the one that you are looking for? If you answered yes, then it may just be the right one to get.

1. Heat factor

This is very important in a bonnet hair dryer. It is important to note that your hair dryer must not be below 2500 watts of machine power. It is even much better if the hair dryer features adjustable settings.

2. Size

This is also another factor to consider when purchasing the bonnet hair dryer. The size of the hooded hair dryer needs to be considered because of different head sizes. This is also an important factor because you might use it on anyone. It has to fit all that you apply it to.

3. Height adjustment lever

It is also safe to consider the height of the dryer. This height adjustment is important even if you have your own adjustable chairs. This way, you can adjust the hair dryer according to the height of the person.

Once you get the best adjustable height lever of this product, then you are getting the one that you want best. It is important to note about the product’s capabilities so to make your job easier. An easy to adjust hair dryer is functional, and it also makes your job convenient enough. If it is convenient, then you will make it faster to do the work.

4. Portability

It is also important to consider portability. If you want a hairdryer that you can bring anywhere, you can purchase the soft bonnet hair dryer. This is very convenient to carry to different places.

These are some of the factors that you can consider to get the best bonnet hair dryer. There are a lot available on the market today. It may be confusing to choose which ones to get, and that is why here is a list of the best bonnet hair dryers available. You just have to choose the one that fits you. It also needs to function well. The important thing is the product needs to be durable to last longer.

5. Type

You also have to consider the type of hair bonnet dryer to purchase. There are several types available and purchasing it depends on how often you use the device. It also will depend on where you use it. There are portable hair dryers, and there are those that are not portable. If the type is what you are looking for then it is already a go to purchase the product.

6. Power 

Each of these hair dryers has different power. You just have to choose if it’s the higher powered dryer you want or not. This will depend on what you prefer. It is important to note that you need to get the higher power. It can be used for a longer period, and the same time it can be efficient from the features it promises.


These are the top of the list of the best bonnet hair dryer available on the market today. It is up to you what to get depending on your preference. The important thing is the natural shine and texture of the hair remains right after using one of these products. Pampering yourself by taking care of your hair is one reward that you can give yourself.

You also need to relax and let loose to take away stress from everyday hurdles. Pampering your hair is one release. It makes your day worth it. The hair is an important part of our body. It makes us look good. To make it look great, we also need to go to the salon. You can also have these dryers in your home for you to work on your own with your hair.

The essential thing to consider is to have the best of these hair dryers and use it properly. Once you have chosen what is best for you, you can easily order these products online. These will help you get to a decision on what product to pick. It may be confusing, but you just have to choose the best. Choosing your own hair dryer, you need to consider all the essential factors. The hair is one part of the body that also needs to be taken care of.

Among these five products, my favorites include the Laila Ali and the Hot Tools Professional 800Watts. These are easy to use and are both easy for my money. These two products are durable, and I know it will last longer. 

If you have some comments or have used the products, I’ve mentioned, please don’t forget to share your thoughts.

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