Best Body Spray for Women – Top Products Review 2018 & Essential Tips

When it comes to wearing a scent, most women of today prefer a fragrance that is not too overpowering or too strong, a choice that places body sprays at the helm of their selection. But as this is situated right in between of the spectrum, they often catch themselves finding the best body spray for women to be quite of a challenge. Choices aside, selecting the best product among the myriad of alternatives out there can be overwhelming.

Suffice to say, this post is especially dedicated to those who are still lost at finding the best body spray for women. Right after this section, you’ll find that I’ve singled out five of the best ones in the market today to narrow down your selection. And prior the revelation of our top pick, you’ll also stumble across on some tips on how to use your body sprays effectively.

Five Best Body Spray for Women in 2017

Treat yourself in a lavish concoction of peach, cherry blossom, and white Jasmine with our first entry from one of the industry’s trailblazers, Victoria’s Secret.

The Victoria’s Secret Fragrance Mist Love Spell is very much ideal if you want to smoothen your body with a bountiful moisture and enticing fragrance.

It is laden with a naturally-conditioning aloe, oat and grapeseed extracts, along with nourishing vitamins E and C.The limited-edition design collectible from Victoria’s secret is all sexy, soft, and truly inviting.

Its feminine aroma can leave your mood and spirit all lifted. Best of all, there is fun to be found in this fruity scent that can also remove the rough or dry areas of your skin.

As its smell is generally light and ultimately tolerable, this scent can be worn on a daily basis.

  • Volume: 8.4 Ounce
  • Scent: Cherry Blossom, Peach and White Jasmine


  • Limited-edition design·
  • Conditions your skin due to the aloe component·
  • Comes with oat and grapeseed extracts·
  • Vitamin C- and E-enriched·
  • Light and fruity


  • Scent doesn’t last that long·
  • Scent is a bit too sweet for some

It’s no secret why everyone is getting lured into the latest fragrant craze from Bath and Body Works – the Japanese Cherry Blossom just exudes that oriental amalgamation of everything that you love from the famed tree.

Its unmistakable crisp pears, mimosa petals, and sweet sandalwood are all noted once it's spritzed in the air. Its key notes also include Asian pear, white jasmine, and the quintessential blushing sandalwood.

Whenever its lavishly splashed or sprayed ever so lightly, the love you’ll find in this scent is no accident.

The scent is meticulously crafted in a sophisticated bottle that delivers great coverage while it conditions your skin with its handy aloe mist, nourishing your skin at the lightest and most refreshing way.

  • Volume: 8.0 Fl Oz
  • Scent: Japanese Cherry Blossom


  • Light floral fragrance·
  • Strong staying power·
  • Affordable price·
  • Delivers great coverage·
  • Chic bottle


  • Alcohol content may be a bit much

Inviting. Delicate. Intricate. All you could muster great in the dawn is present in the Calgon Morning Glory Fragrance Body Mist.

The soft fragrance of blue amber, jasmine, rose, geranium, violet orchid, orange, sandalwood, along with succinct aquatic notes and oak moss is as intensive as it is glorious.

Its moderate longevity is something that you can reel in quite effortlessly – think about some freesia body mist in an encapsulated moment. As soon as it all evaporates, Morning Glory becomes smoother and even sweeter!

Meanwhile, the saccharine scent is not overly floral or fruity and there are hints of vanilla. The less citrusy item from Calgon is very much ideal when you spritz it on after a shower.

It is also great for young teens or people who want to smell fresh without coming off quite strongly.

  • Volume: 8 oz.
  • Scent: Blue amber, jasmine, rose, sandalwood


  • Light, clean and fresh scent·
  • Smell is not overwhelming, abrasive·
  • Reasonably priced·
  • Ideal during summer·
  • Comes with a feel-good smell


  • Scent doesn’t last long

The ultimate tropical fragrance from The Body Shop isn’t a product that you want to miss. It is infused with mango essence that should transport you to a dimension that is all light and fresh.

Meanwhile, the exotic and delicious body spray contains Community Trade sugarcane from Brazil and a Community Trade alcohol from Ecuador, delivering a product that is all sweet and light.

The product is not only 100 percent vegan but is also gluten- and silicone-free.The sole entry from The Body Shop is deemed to more fruitful when you simply want to spritz it quickly as you go on a run or when you’re attending some errands.

To enhance it, this body mist is recommended to be used with body lotion or body butter first.

  • Volume: 3.3 fl. Oz.
  • Scent: Mango Essence


  • More suitable during summer·
  • Scent is mild yet not overpowering·
  • Comes with fruity fragrance·
  • Infused with mango essence·
  • Sweeter than most body mists


  • Fragrance doesn’t last for more than an hour·
  • Packaging is in a glass bottle

If you’re particularly inclined to the smell of soap and clean water splashing on your skin with reckless abandon, this product should definitely end at the top of your list.

The Philosophy Pure Grace Body Spritz is also ideal for those who are searching for the perfect fragrance base and a scent that is both light and fresh. Meanwhile, you’re expected to experience a full-body scent that starts with the product’s very inviting “base coat.”

Perhaps the more hallmark feature of our last entry emanates from its provision of moisturization and antioxidant benefits on your skin. Intensify your summer moments with this one-of-a-kind body spritz!

  • Volume: 8 oz.
  • Scent: Soap and water clean


  • Fresh and clean scent·
  • Ideal for summer and after shower·
  • Doubles as a moisturizer·
  • Comes with anti-oxidant benefits·
  • Fragrance doesn’t overwhelm


  • Alcohol content may be a bit much for some

Essential Tips on How To Use Body Sprays

Body sprays are an essential item to keep you feeling all fresh all day long. But for you to take advantage of that extent, one has to know how to apply body spray. The tips below should maximize the fragrance of your own choosing:

  • Spraying your pulse points
pool test kit

Pulse points are areas in which the fragrance of your body spray is optimized. As such, the scent tends to stay longer and stronger. These areas include wrists, your elbows’ insides, neck’s front, the back of your knees, and the pulse point in between your breasts.To apply it, ensure that you’re holding the canister four to five inches away from the designated area (approximately 102 to 127 mm).

Spritz each of these areas with a single spray. Try not to rub the area which the scent was sprayed on. The goal of this regimen is to allow the body spray to soak in and get dried on your skin.

  • Your clothing matters, too

Take advantage of your clothing materials as they can also boost the fragrance and longevity of your body spray. To optimize this, you can spray the air right in front of you then walk through it to apply it on your clothes. Further, make certain that you hold the spray from seven to nine inches (or approximately 178 – 229 mm) away from your body or clothes.

You may also spritz the body spray on your top and pants for at least once or twice.

  • Capitalize on your hair
pool test kit

If your hair is long and thick, consider this as a godsend! Your hair can be an instrument to fulfilling the longevity and maximization of your body spray. Avoiding your hair directly, spray it right above the area on your hair. Allow it to descend once or twice using the spray.

More Winning Tips (How To Retain The Scent of your Body Spray for the Whole Day)

  • Tip #1 Moisturizing your skin
pool test kit

We all sport varying types of skin tones such as dry, oil, or both. Whenever you have oily skin, the chances of you retaining the scent for the whole day is high. However, for those users with dry skin, they might not be able to make it last for an extended period. This can be remedied by moisturizing that problematic area first in which you want to scent to be retained.

  • Tip #2 The pulse point

I cannot stress enough the importance of pulse point in our body. These are areas in which our heart rate can be felt easily. These are where the perfume can retain its scent for a long time. Apart from the above mentioned areas, some of these points also include the bottom of your throat, the section behind your knee, and the one behind your ear. As it goes, the warmth of our blood plays a significant role in this.

  • Tip #3 Storage areas

Your body sprays contain components that are prone to dissipation when they’re exposed to humidity, heat, and also light. As it goes, it is important that you keep the container or canister in a cool pace. If you could, you can keep it in a temperature that as akin to being refrigerated. Also, you must try to keep the container away from sunlight so the alcohol along with the fragrance can be maintained for an extended period.

Next, body spray containers should not be kept inside your bathroom as your shower releases a tremendous amount of humidity and heat that can lessen the power of the scent.

  • Tip #4 There’s the rub

Contrary to what most are doing, rubbing the scent on your body won’t do you any good. In fact, rubbing the molecules can break down and make the scent diluted as opposed to being concentrated. Simply spritz it on your skin so that the smell can remain for a long time.

  • Tip #5 The after-shower effect
pool test kit

It is always recommended that you apply the body spray right after you shower. Touted as the “after-shower” effect, this step should amplify the scent of your chosen body spray. As soon as you’re done showering, towel your body off lightly before you spray your damp body with the spray.

  • Tip #6 Body chemistry

Our last tip is probably the most crucial in this list. No matter how you aptly apply your body spray on your body, it still all boils down to how it reacts to your “body chemistry.” Only you will be able to determine whether the scent of the body spray corresponds to your “needs” or not. Needless to say, always choose the one that matches your chemistry above anything else.

Ensure that you try the scent first before purchasing it. After all, that is what “testers” are for. Meanwhile, you may also look into the product’s reviews ahead of your purchase to ascertain whether that item reflects your needs.

The Verdict

Admittedly, it’s quite of a challenge to choose the standout in a competition that is laden with formidable entries. As evidenced with their high-ranking ratings, our contenders in this post truly deserve their respective outings. Meanwhile, I’m placing The Bath and Body Works Fine Fragrance Japanese Cherry Blossom at the helm of this list simply and greatly because of its significant staying power, great coverage, and a reasonably-priced retail tag.

Did you like this post? Do you think the entry from Bath and Body Works deserves its top spot? If you have anything to share, add, or even ask, please feel free to sound them off in the comment section below and I’ll get back to you soon! 

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