Best Antifungal Body Wash in 2018 – Top 5 Products Review

The key to being perfectly beautiful is never about just looking pretty but also making sure you are healthy. Unfortunately, certain threats exist that can harm our well-being. Skin fungal infections are one of those. Skin fungal infections are usually nurtured in moist and warm places in the body such as underneath the breasts. They also happen typically in places wherein skin surfaces meet.

For the treatment of these types, antifungal medications are the solution. To be specific, I highly suggest an antifungal body wash. It is a cleaning agent infused with antifungal properties you can use in lieu of your usual soap. That being said, in this article, I have rounded up the best antifungal body wash for 2017.

Best Antifungal Body Wash in 2017

This antifungal body wash product mainly uses Tea Tree Oil as its main essential oil and utilizes minerals from the Dead Sea, as well.

With all those substances and elements combined, this product helps clear skin, fight off bacteria, viral infections and fungi. This antibacterial and antiseptic product also comes in an organic and natural formula that is concentrated.

The feature I liked about this product is how it is gentle enough to be used as a facial but still very effective at being an antifungal body wash.

Moreover, if you are an athlete or someone who likes be active, then this product is also fit for you. This product especially fights off bacteria that may appear when you are in the middle of an exercise.

  • Volume: 33.8oz
  • Main Ingredient: Tea Tree Oil


  • Will not leave your skin dry
  • Leaves skin’s texture really soft and smooth
  • Does not feel greasy on the skin
  • Also fights off body odor


  • You may not like the fragrance

Just like the previously mentioned product, this antifungal body washes primarily uses Tea Tree oil as its main essential oil and ingredient.

I really like this product because just a few minutes upon using it, the itchiness goes away immediately. More than just the itchiness, it also reduces the redness and flake ups on the skin. It also instantly reduces skin irritation upon using.

Besides being an antifungal, antiseptic and a disinfectant product, it also comes in a concentrated formula. It is gentle to be used in all parts of your body and it forms a nice, rich and foamy lather.

Moreover, you can easily rinse it and it will not leave any residue. Another one if its specialty is skin infections on the nail. It work especially wil with those types of skin infections.

  • Volume: 13.5 oz
  • Main Ingredient: Tea Tree Oil


  • Gives instant relief from irritation, redness and itchiness
  • Stops infection from spreading
  • Gives a nice lather
  • Fast and instant visible results


  • Has a smell not everyone will like

The Majestic Antifungal soap or body was utilizes two essential oils as its main ingredient. The first one is Tea Tree Oil and the second is Coconut Oil.

Both these oils are infused with the capability to fight off bacteria, virus, fungus and all other sorts of infection. Aside from its antiseptic and antibacterial properties, this body wash is also deeply moisturizing and works well with dry and flaky skin.

This product also gives a nice amount of lather and comes off really clear. Moreover, this product comes in a bottle that has a pump so using this product is easy. A spillage or waste are two things you can avoid easily as well.

  • Volume: 16 oz
  • Main Ingredient: Tea Tree Oil and Cconut Oil


  • Uses coconut oil and tea tree oil
  • Not hard to rinse off
  • Forms a rich lather
  • Moisturizes skin
  • Works for back acne as well


  • May cause breakouts for some people

This antifungal soap does not just utilize Tea Tree Oil as the main essential oil but also uses a wide variety of oils such as oregano oil, aloe vera, peppermint oil and eucalyptus oil.

Besides fighting off bacteria, virus and fungal in an instant, it also contains different minerals and vitamins such as vitamin A and E among others. It does not just relieve your skin from redness and itchiness but also hydrates and moisturizes your skin with the multitude of moisturizing properties it contains.

Because this product does not just help infection from spreading but also make sure you will not get bad odor, you can even opt to not wear a deodorant anymore. That is how effective this product is.

Moreover, this product will also leave the texture of your skin soft and smooth upon using it.

  • Volume: 9 oz
  • Main Ingredient: Tea Tree Oil, Oregano Oil, Aloe Vera


  • Leaves skin soft and smooth
  • Uses a wide variety of essential skin oils
  • Contains a bevy amount of minerals and vitamins
  • Relieves skin from itchiness and redness
  • Fights off infection
  • Fights off smelly odor


  • Has a medicinal you may not like
  • Not cost effective

Last on the list but certainly not the last, this antifungal body wash primarily uses three essential oils to fight off bacterial, viral and fungal infections. They are mainly tea tree oil, coconut oil and oregano oil.

It soothes out any irritation that may appear in the form of rashes or redness. This product helps reduce bad odor and smell.

One thing I did not like that much about this product was its consistency. It can be runny and too light. Moreover, when this product is applied, you may feel a tingly and burning sensation.

Depending on you, you may either relish in the cool feeling or the feel uncomfortable with the burning sensation.

  • Volume: 12oz
  • Main Ingredient: Neem and Tea Tree Oil


  • Reduces bad odor and smell
  • Soothes out skin irritation
  • Uses three essential oils
  • Fights off bacterial, viral and fungal infections


  • You may feel an uncomfortable burning sensation
  • Consistency is runny and light

What Ingredients Make the Best Antifungal Body Wash?

In general, ingredients used to make a antifungal body wash should be organic and all natural such natural oils and organic moisturizers. In this section, I will be breaking down the different ingredients you may consider when choosing the right antifungal body wash for you.

  • Aloe Vera
Violet hairdrier with nozzle on a white background

Aloe Vera is a substance and ingredient typically used in the making of hair care products. However, it also provides a multitude of benefits for your skin. Skin care products infused with aloe vera acts as a very strong antiseptic and astringent.

One of the common symptoms of a skin fungal infections is the inflammation and redness of the skin. As an antifungal ingredient, aloe vera helps to lessen these two symptoms by killing fungi and bacteria that is trapped in the skin.

  • Tea Tree Oil
Violet hairdrier with nozzle on a white background

Tea Tree Oil is commonly associated with treating wounds. This is because tea tree oil is an all around substance that has different medicinal properties. It does not just kill fungi but also infections caused by virus and bacteria. Some of the medicinal properties is its ability to stop infection from further spreading. This ingredient also helps to reduce the inflammation of skin.

  • Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil is another essential oil that offers a wide range of benefits for the skin. As an organic substance, eucalyptus oil is gathered from the leaves of a Eucalyptus tree. More than just a skin care product, it also offers treatment properties for other aspects of your well being. Eucalyptus oil is also a good treatment for healing wound, treating problems regarding the respiratory system and even dental care among some others.

  • Coconut Oil
Coconut oil, body coffee scrub on gray

Coconut has always been renowned for containing some of the essential fatty acids that contains a bevy of health benefits. With coconut oil’s ability to fight virus, bacteria, fungi plus its ability to be used as a shaving cream, makeup remover, highlighter and even lotion, it becomes not just a medicinal product but also a beauty product. This makes coconut oil very versatile and a holistic product.

  • Additional medicine elements

Of course, in addition to these essential oils, there are also certain medicinal elements infused in the body wash. Look out for ketoconazole, an element notorious for fighting off fungi. There are also Butoconazole, Butenafine, Ciclopirox, Clotrimazole among many others.

How Would You Know If You’re Infected

Skin fungal infections can manifest into a lot of variations and versions. To be able to know if you are infected or not, you first have to identify the different types of skin fungal infections and the different symptoms you may experience if you happen to get infected by one of them.

  • Tinea versicolor
dried herbs and rosehip oils

This skin fungal infection is common among teenagers and people in the young adult range. This condition is characterized by an appearance of patches on the skin. These patches are rough in texture and can be in the color of red, tan or white. These typically appear around the neck, the arms and torso.

  • Jock itch

This particular skin condition is also known as the gym itch. This fungal skin infection commonly and often affects men. Be careful when sharing socks or clothing especially with someone who might be infected with athlete’s foot as this is what typically causes jock itch.

  • Athlete’s foot
Foot fungus. Beauty and foot care. Female feet on white background.

Athlete foot is commonly characterized by a presence of scaly skin in between the toes. This infection is a type of chronic infection, as well. Along these parts, you may feel sore or a certain itchiness. More than this, you may get to experience some blisters as well.

  • Yeast onychomycosis

This one targets the nails instead of the skin. Typically, this condition is described as painful with redness and an inflammation on the skin. Moreover, you may get to feel something warm below and sometimes even around the nail or nail bed. Sometimes, you may feel a pus discharge along with these characterizations and symptoms. Furthermore, other symptoms also include nails that are opaque, thickened or ridged.

Additional Tips

Skin fungal infections may be treated by antifungal medications or body wash. However, prevention will always be better than cure. Generally, what you need to do is to just maintain proper hygiene. Allow me to break it down for you in this section.

  • Have a balanced diet and exercise every day

You might be wondering what does a diet and exercise have to do with a skin infection. This is because people that do not have a proper diet and a workout regimen are more prone to being obese. And in turn, people that are obese are more vulnerable to getting infected by skin fungal infections.

Portrait of attractive woman dries her hair over gray background
  • Cut your nails regularly and keep it clean.

Yeast onychomycosis is a common fungal infection that targets your nails. To prevent yourself from being infected with this, make sure you trim your nails regularly. When washing hands, wash your nails as well.

Final Thoughts

And the winner for this review roundup is none other than Purely Northwest Antifungal Soap with Tea Tree Oil. Despite the name, the Purely Northwest Antifungal body wash is not just infusd with Tea Tree Oil but also with a multitude of other ingredients. This body wash also utilizes the different essential oils such as oregano oil, peppermint oil, aloe vera and eucalyptus oil.

Aside from these essential oils, it also contains different vitamins and minerals that helo to fight bad odor, stop infection from spreading relieves skin from itchiness or redness and leaves skin smooth and soft.

So there you have it, guys! I hope this article really helped you on your journey to finding the best antifungal body wash for you! If you have any more questions, suggestions or just recommendations, do not hesitate to leave them down below! 🙂

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