Best Acrylic Nail Kit – Review of Top 5 Products in 2018

As a certified beauty obsessed girl, I have always known the essence of taking care of your hair, of making sure it is groomed really well, of using the best body wash, of making sure my skin gets the best, of making sure I’m using the right cosmetic on my face. However, there is also one thing a girl may overlook but never should. And that is your set of nails. Fortunately, the best acrylic nail kit will help to make sure your nails always look well-groomed and fabulous. 

Best Acrylic Nail Kit Today

This set comes with pretty much all the basic tools you will need. You will love this just the same whether you are a beginner, a newbie or a complete intermediate.

The one thing I really loved about this was that this set comes with a nail drying fan that can speed up the process and can only take the process as fast as fifteen minutes.

This kit also comes with 100 nail tips, the first 50 are clear nail tips and the other 50 are French nail tips. Aside from the typical acrylic powder and colored acrylics, this also comes with special add ons such as little stars and little pearls that come in different colors.

The few things I did not like much about this was that the nail drying fan does not come with batteries which can be a bit inconvenient.


  • Contains all the basic tools needed
  • Comes with 100 nail tips in which 50 are French tips and the rest are clear
  • Comes with a variety of decorations such as pearls
  • Comes with a nail drying fan that speeds up drying process


  • Nail drying fan does not come with batteries

This nail kit is one of the kits you can certainly use whether you are a professional or a newbie that only wants to use this at home. This nail kit comes with a wide variety of colors for your acrylic nail powder.

To be specific, these acrylic nail powder comes in 12 colors. Moreover, it also comes with 3 larger bottles of the colors pink, white and clear for you to be able to come up with luminizing and crystal looking nail art.

For easy mixing and creating of the acrylic nail, this kit also comes with a dappen dish which you can pour your chosen acrylic liquid into. Using the nail art pen that is included in the acrylic nail kit, start to dap some of the acrylic powder and then afterwards, dap it into the acrylic liquid.

As an additional treat, this acrylic nail kit also comes with a plastic fingers which you can practice on before doing it onto your own set of nails.

My problem, however, was with the consistency and quality of the glue. It almost seemed like water. The acrylic powder also just falls apart.


  • Comes with 12 color acrylic nail powder
  • Comes with a dappen dish
  • Comes with a plastic practice fingers
  • Comes with 3 larger bottles of pink, clear and white


  • Glue is watery
  • Acrylic powder falls apart

The iMesh Bean Combo set comes with a range of acrylic powders. The powders come in 3 different natural colors and 12 different colored acrylic powders.

And just like the previously mentioned item, this acrylic nail kit can be used at home by complete newbies or by professionals at establishments like salon. This product also comes with additional nail art decors such as rhinestone.

This kit includes certain nail art tools that enables you to strengthen your nails and add some extra shine.

However, the acrylic liquids and nail polish powder could have come in bigger sizes. Moreover, unlike with other options, this nail kit comes with fewer options for nail tips.


  • Comes with 3 different natural colors of acrylic
  • Comes with acrylic colored powders in 12 different colors
  • Suitable for both professional use and newbies
  • Comes with add ons like art decors
  • Includes nail art tools that allows you to add extra shine to your nails
  • Allows you to strengthen your nails


  • The acrylic liquids and nail polish powder could have come in bigger sizes
  • Options for nail tips should have been more

This acrylic nail art combo set comes with 28 nail art tools which is more abundant than most acrylic nail kits. This kit is probably more complete than most kits as well.

It comes with a set of acrylic powders that come in 12 different colors and set of shimmering powders in 12 different colors. It also comes with a set of 12 differently colored strips.

Besides the assorted colored acrylic powders, it also comes in the three natural colors, namely pink, clear and white. It also includes basics like a nail art clipper, curved tweezers, cuticle oil and a cleaning brush.

In addition to these basics, this set comes with add ons such as nail art pearls that come in 12 different colors and rhinestones in 12 different colors as well.

I guess if there was one thing I did not appreciate that much about this was that the glitter does not really stay solid even when I tried mixing with the acrylic solution.


  • Comes with acrylic powders in 12 assorted colors plus the 3 natural colors: pink, white and clear
  • Contains a set of shimmering powders in 12 colors
  • Includes the basics like tweezers and cuticle oils
  • Comes with a glass dish
  • Comes with nail art guide sticker forms


  • Glitter isn’t solid

This acrylic nail art kit also comes with a set of 12 carried colors of acrylic powder. It contains a hundred pieces of french tips plus a dappen dish which makes the process of mixing and creating acrylic really easy and more convenient.

I also love that this kit comes with not just one but five sable acrylic brushes. As for the additional decorations, this come with rhinestones that come in 12 different colors.

As for the acrylic powder, the powder comes in three natural colors namely pink, clear and white.


  • Comes with 12 colors
  • Comes with a dappen dish
  • Comes with five sable acrylic brushes


  • Powder does not harden

Factors to Consider when Chossing the Best Acrylic Nail Kit

Acrylic nail kits are created for you to be able to keep your nails beautiful. These kits contain your most essential tools that will able you to strengthen, lengthen and prep your nails. Unluckily, all acrylic nail kits are made unequally. Below are some factors you can use as your guide on choosing the best acrylic nail kit for you.

  • Contents and Inclusions

As stated, acrylic nail kits are not made equally. As a result, kits contain different components and contents, as well. Despite this factor, however, every acrylic nail kit must at least contain the basics which are the following:

nail files, scissors with clippers manicure with polish bottles on desk.
  • Cuticle oil: The main purpose of this product is to give moisturization to your cuticles.
  • Nail primer: This is a cosmetic product you apply to unpolished nails to prep your natural nails before applying any nail polish or color enhancements.
  • Nail tips: Nail tips are the ones you attached to your nails and are mainly responsible for making your nails look fab and long.
  • Buffing blocks: Buffing blockers have about 4 purposes — to file nail edge, to get rid of ridges, to smoothen the nail out and to give nail an extra shine.
  • Acrylic liquids: The acrylic liquid is one of the tools responsible for creating the moist ball you spread onto your nails.
  • Cutting tools: Cutting tools are the one responsible for trimming your nails and making sure they stay clean all the time.
  • Acrylic powders: These powders should include the basic white, pink and clear options and is one of the tools responsible for creating the nail.
  • Brushes: Acrylic nail brushes are the brushes you use to spread the product
  • Filing tools: These tools are responsible to keep your nails in shape.

The aforementioned materials are the basics that a kit should contain. However, some kits will also contain certain add ons which can be a major plus. Some kits will come with decors for nail art such as stickers or rhinestones. Some will even come with a set of plastic fingers you can practice on which is great for beginners. Your acrylic nail kit of preference will also depend on your needs.

  • Type of Use
Nail care. Manicure set and nail polish on wooden background. Top view. Manicurist. Manicure for yourself

Now that I have mentioned what a basic acrylic nail kit should contain, let us move on to the next factor which is how you are going to use it and what type of user are you. If you are a complete beginners, it is always best to go with the less complex ones.

  • Location

When I say location, I mean that you also have to take into consideration where you are going to use it. The number one thing you have to consider is whether the place has enough ventilation or not.

This is because the fumes that will inevitably sent out by the combination of your acrylic powder and acrylic liquid can come out as too strong and can cause breathing problems without proper ventilation. You can choose to either wear a mask to cover your nose or just do it in an open area.

How to Use an Acrylic Nail Kit

Now that I’ve discussed the contents, let us now dive into the information on how you can fully utilize an acrylic nail kit

  • Step 1: Prep your nails
Closeup shot of a woman in a nail salon receiving a manicure by a beautician with nail file. Woman getting nail manicure. Beautician file nails to a customer.

Prepping your nails will entail many things. First, you gotta cut them down and trim them to a decent length. Then use a nail file to shape up your nails. Afterwards, begin to rough up the surfaces of your nails. Try to avoid using a cotton wool ball with this as the threads of it tend to get stuck along the edges of your nails. Next, prep the surface of your nails with a cuticle oil and a nail primer.

  • Step 2: Attach the nail tips

Next, you can now choose on your desired nail tip. Just look for the corresponding nail tip size to your nails. Next, you can now spread an amount of glue to the insides of your tip and stick it to your nails. Remain still for a few moments just to make sure it will fit well.

  • Step 3: Apply the acrylic
A manicurist is finishing her work on her client's nails. The is putting a final layer, transparent nail polish to keep the work in place for longer time.

This is where things can get tricky. You are gonna need to follow a liquid to powder ratio to ensure the quality of your resulting acrylic nail solution. Apply your acrylic with a brush and make sure you apply it with soft and smooth textures so as to avoid bumps. After you are finished applying, you may start to file the edges of your nails again to shape them according to the form you desire.

Final Thoughts

The winner for this round is 28 in 1 Combo Set. This kit is more wholesome and inclusive than others. It comes with acrylic powder and shimmering powder that both comes in 12 colors.

The colored acrylic powders also come in three natural colors namely pink, white and clear. It comes with a set of 12 differently colored strips and the basics such as cuticle oil, tweezers, nail art clipper and a cleaning brush. For convenience, this kit also comes with a glass dish and a nail art guide.

So there you have it, guys! I hope this article really helped you on your journey to finding the best acrylic nail kit for you! If you have any more questions, suggestions or just recommendations, do not hesitate to leave them down below! 🙂

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